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I’m a photographer. I’ve also finished psychology which’s been a big part of my interests since high-school. I’ve been fascinated how a human’s brain and heart works and how people build their relationships. I also wanted to better understand myself and my emotions. Sometimes the only thing I need to be happy is to wake up in the morning on a countryside or in mountains drinking hot coffee. I love travelling and it also gives me a lot of pleasure. I think there is nothing what makes me more happier in my work when my couple decides to take me on the journey.

What is my philosophy

I look for honest history in people. Each of us has our own story. Each photo shoot, each wedding is different story to me which I tell through my eyes by knowing you the best. I love naturalness, raw emotions and no posing pictures. The most important to me while working with couples is to build comfortable atmosphere, deep knowing each other and catching those all small moments and gestures that are between you two.

Each of us has fragility and intimacy. I strongly believe that after knowing each other and with common trust everyone is able to show their emotions.

There are few things I’m obsessed about

  • My white Golden Retriever Momo and black kitty Luna

  • Coffee. I’m totally addicted. It’s my weakness

  • Mountains and forests. There is no other place where I love spending time more than in nature

  • Queen, ABBA, Indie Folk and Ambient

  • Cuddling under the blanket in autumn and winter evenings drinking hot chocolate with Luna on my knees


  • Dancing salsa. You get free obligatory lesson during the photoshoot ;)


I have also my dreams. I dream about

  • Buying a camper and travel around the world

  • Buying a house with a big garden close to mountains or forest

  • Marrying boho wife in forest :)

  • Visiting Iceland

  • Writing a book about things I love and I’m most passionate about

Short film about myself how it all have started and what photographing love for me is

I also find joy in teaching other photographers by running YouTube, Podcast and Blog.

If you want to create the story with me please use the contact section and I’ll be more than happy to meet you personally or via Skypie if you are from far away!

Much love!