Krzysiek and Magda

Wedding Photographer


I've met Krzysiek few years ago when we were working together in the same company. He was my team leader in those days. I remember him as the most supportive and emphatic supervisor I can imagine. I've been really pleased when he wrote me after those few years to tell me that he is going to propose to his girlfriend Magda and he would be so happy if I capture their engagement. He proposed to Madzia in Zakopane and the next day they came to snowy Krakow. It was a really frosty and windy day, so we were a little bit worried if we will handle it.

When I first saw Magda and talk with her for a while I've understood immediately that they are perfect for each other. Magda is a super nice, open and positive person as Krzysiek. After 10 minutes of dancing, hugging and kissing they warmed up immediately. We started our photo shoot on Krakow's Planty, then we moved through the main square shooting some photos near Sukiennice and after that we went to the really cool Jewish restaurant on Kazimierz Old Town where we were drinking arabic coffee sitting on the floor. We ended up our journey on Wawel capturing some moments near castle and in ivy.

This photo shoot was a surprise and an engagement gift for Magda, so she found out about it 1 hour before our meeting. 

I'll remember this photo shoot for a long time as I really had fun!