What to wear for engagement photos


I will start with telling you that it's quite funny that out of fashion hipster like me writes this article. But don't worry, I've made my homework. I won't dress you in too tight glossy dress. Btw. I love the passion and intimacy Justyna and Mateusz in the photo above.


Get dressed comfortable

There are few factors that might help you decide what to wear for your engagement photos, but in my opinion this point is crucial. I don't care if you feel comfortable in dress or in pants. Just please think about this point as the fundament before reading further. If you don't feel comfortable in flowy dress, don't wear it and don't care if it looks cool or not. You look cool if you feel cool. That's the basic mindset. The same thing refers to men. Honestly, I hate wearing ties. I just don't. If you don't like suits or blazers, just don't wear it. You can wear something cool but still elegant, what will make you more comfortable. 


Adjust your clothes to the photo shoot's location

So let's say you've chosen to dress in more elegant way, as this is something what make you comfortable. You ladies would wear your favourites black high heels and well fitted dress and your man would "Suit up!". And your idea for the photo shoot's location is forest or mountains. That's great. I've seen a lot of wedding photo shoots in such as locations. But the thing is that the wedding photo shoots follow a little bit different rules than engagement's. Consistency in this case is a key. It would look quite inconsistent and even funny when a girl wearing high heels tries hiking. It's really important to create the real and natural story about yourselves. That's why more elegant style would be more appropriate for a city shot or a very romantic intimate moment in a restaurant. Imagine that, you drink wine in lights of candles. It's more consistent than fighting with swamp in heels. 


Adjust your clothes to the photo shoot's mood

This point is quite similar to the previous one. If you want to make it more rustic and in boho style try to find some specific clothes to this occasion. There are so many inspirations that you can find on Pinterest. I personally collect more and more inspirations for my couples every day here. Rustic mood -> Boho dress + Boho/hippie boy. Forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, barns, countrysides, those are great places for that kind of mood.


Add one strong accent

I can imagine that you girls have a lot of accessories and beautiful jewelries, but please don't over do. It's great to add one strong accent to your outfit, e.g. if you wear dress in subtle, pastel colours you can add one outstanding extra such as bransolet, bigger necklace or earnings. If you've decided to wear intense red dress, that's fine, but in this case I would avoid wearing accessories as a red dress is enough to make you glamourous. 


Avoid t-shirts with logos and prints

Wearing your favourite t-shirt with "Slayer" logo is perfectly ok, but... and don't get me wrong I also like wearing more casual clothes. The thing is that wearing a t-shirt with "Slayer" or Minions can take all attention from your faces and emotions which is the most important during creating your story. So let's keep this point short. Avoid wearing things with logos and prints that can distract.


Avoid wearing the same clothes as your partner

Don't wear exact clothes as your better half. We all have seen those pictures where couples look almost like siblings. It used to be cool and trendy, but nowadays it's much more better to have only one common thing e.g. shoes or jeans. 


Fit it

Well fitted clothes always look better than too loose. If you are not sure how to fit your clothes go to the clothing store as Zara. There are specialists who are always willing to help and advise for free.


Dress accordingly to your body type

I'm sure that you are aware of the fact that each of us has different body type and something what looks great on him won't look well on me. To identify what your body type is and how to dress accordingly to it I strongly recommend to read this article.

Btw. I love wikihow.com. People creating this website are so passionate and positive about their stuff. In free time I encourage you to explore it. There is so much valuable content that you can learn.


Dress accordingly to the current season

There might be situation that you have your favourite summer outfit which you would like to wear for your engagement photo shoot. But the thing is that you've decided to create your story in winter. Don't wear summer dress in winter time for 2 reasons:

1. It won't look consistent and natural.

2. You will be freezing instead of having fun.

If you don't have winter clothes that you would like to wear on your engagement photo shoot there are two options: Reschedule it on spring or summer time or go buy something new and cool.


Go shopping. Get crazy

You've decided to buy for yourselves a memory for probably the rest of your life. So why not to get crazy? Take your man for whole day shopping. I know, I know, he'll love this idea. Try this, try that and buy for yourselves clothes that you feel FABULOUS. Leave the shopping mall with the huge banana on your face like the prettiest princess in the world. 


Try something new

Have you been wearing the same colours and type of clothes for whole your life? TRY something new! Try to wear a hat or a new floral dress. If you've had straight hair for your whole life, make waves. There is only one rule - Whatever you do you need to feel comfortable and outstanding.


Take care about your nails

An engagement photo shoot is also the occasion to make some closeups of your hands to highlight your beautiful ring. Take care of your hands and nails. Go to a beautician and make awesome manicure. 

You will be the ring rockstar!


One idea to cool dress up

If you feel comfortable in dresses you can try this cool idea. Find some flowy dress (like Marylin Monroe)  and have hair loose during the photo shoot. You can play around with your dress and hair to create windy effect on pictures. Creating the movement can be really good idea to add dynamism and enthusiasm to your story. If there is wind, it will create this effect by its own.


Use mood boards on Pinterest

As I mentioned before, Pinterest is a huge source of inspirations for you. Depending on the type and mood of photo shoot that you prefer, you can use words like "Boho girl", "Boho boy", "Engagement couple", "Couple in forest", "Couple city walk". Sky is the limit.

I've created my own mood boards on Pinterest. Maybe you will find there something inspirational.


Don't try too much

Don't make it too perfect. These are just tips and inspirations that might guide you, but remember to make it natural. Don't over do and don't try to make it the most beautiful at all costs.

You are perfect and you don't need fancy clothes to prove it.

The most beautiful and important thing is the connection between you and your partner. Your love.


Have fun!

This is the last advice I'm giving you. Have fun and enjoy your time during the photo shoot. Whatever you wear just be yourself and spend great time with your partner! 

I am sure you will look fabulous and your photos will look incredible. 

Good luck, have fun and don't suit up! (if you don't like suits)