What is First Look and how to prepare for it?


First Look

First Look is the moment right before the wedding when a groom sees his future wife for the first time in a wedding dress, make up and wedding hairstyle. Usually it is right after preparations, before the ceremony. It is one of the most beautiful and emotional moment during the whole wedding day and I always encourage my couples to make First Look.


Does my fiancee cannot see my in a wedding dress before?

To be honest, the biggest “effect wow!” will be when your fiancee won’t see you in a wedding dress before First Look. Unfortunately there some restrictions and rules that you both have to obey. Your fiancee cannot be with you in a wedding store when you try new dresses. You cannot ask him for an advice. Some couples decide to make First Look that way to get a groom’s reaction even more irreplaceable. But this is not absolutely must have to do, to make your First Look wonderful. If you feel that you want to choose a wedding dress together just do it.


Does location matter while First Look?

The answer is: yes and no. Location matters, as you have to have easy access to your ceremony, so don’t plan your First Look very far away. It also matters as it has to be intimate, but we’ll speak about it in one moment.

Location doesn’t matter in the following context: You don’t have to travel to incredible places. It can be your garden or room. The most important during First Look is you and your intimacy.


Intimacy during First Look

It is very an intimate and emotional moment, that’s why I always advise to be alone without guests and family. It’s very important, because it’s maybe the only one moment during that day that you get chance to be just you and him in your arms.

Often that 15 minutes spent together give more support and love than we can even imagine. That special moment gives you chance to forget for a second about that whole rush, stress, preparations and afford that you’ve put to have everything perfect and special. I guarantee that after years you will remember that moment with tears in your eyes.


Forget about a photographer

It’s very important that you try to forget about your photographer’s presence. Don’t think how you look, if you walk ok or if you should stand in that way or another. Your photographer will tell you everything and he is there to capture your First Look in a special way. It’s also important to not pretend and act anything. The whole magic of the First Look is in naturalness and authenticity. Do what you feel. Don’t rush. Cry, laugh, react the way as you feel in the bootom of you heart.


How does the First Look look like in practice?

There are different ways to make First Look. My favourite one is when a groom stands behind and a bride comes and when he feels her hands on his arms he turns back.

Different ways:

  • Groom stand with hidden eyes and a bride takes off a tie or a band

  • Rotated order - A bride stands behind and a groom approaches her

  • First Look in front of the altar


First Look with family members

After First Look with a groom also the wonderful idea is to make First Look with e.g. bride’s dad. Father’s reaction can be the most heart touching and emotional moment ever.


That’s it! Remember that First Look is for you! To give you chance to spend time together and have wonderful emotional memory.

I wish you beautiful wedding and unforgettable moments from your First Look!