14 ways to use your engagement photos


You might be thinking "We have such a wonderful photos from our engagement photo shoot, but we have no idea how to use them". 

Here you can find 14 ways how you can use your engagement photos. You don't have to use all of them. Maybe you will find valuable only one or two and it will be more than enough for you.


1. Save The Date Cards

Great idea to use photos in your wedding invitation. You can hire a designer to make it beautiful or do it by your own. There are bunch of programs in the internet which might help you design easily your dreamed save the date card.


2. Put a photo in envelopes

It's a cool idea to surprise your guests by putting your engagement photo in a wedding envelope. 


3. Invitation website

You can design your own website which would be equivalent for the Save The Date Cards. Website can be built with your engagement photos, information about wedding and form to filled by your quests that might help you estimate really quickly who is going to come. You don't have to be a web developer to create easily your website. There are bunch of services that might help create really quickly website with "Save The Date template" e.g. Squarespace or Wordpress.


4. Sneak peak on Facebook

You can use your engagement photos to make a sneak peak on facebook, e.g. change your photo in the background with caption: "Save the date for our wedding: xx-xx-xxx". 


5. Photobook / Questbook 

You can design a photobook using pictures from your engagement photoshoot and put it on a table during wedding to give quests possibility to sign in and write their wishes.


6. Decorate your wedding - Clips and tape

You can use your photos to decorate your wedding, e.g. print your pictures in square shape and hang them on the tape using clips. Another idea is to put them on the blackboard.


7. Decorate your wedding - Wall mural

You can make wall murals in a wedding hall! Black and white photos might look really artsy and moody.


8. Decorate your wedding - Cake

You can customise your cake with your favourite prints. 


9. Decorate your wedding - Bottle of wine

You can print your engagement photos on bottles of wine.


10. Decorate your wedding - Table numbers

You can personalise your table numbers e.g. ask your photographer to shoot photos of yourselves holding numbers from 1 - 10 (depends of how many tables you will have).


11. Slideshow for your parents

You can prepare a slide show for your parents with thanks for raising you, their support and commitment. I've seen it once during a wedding and parents were very touched.


12. Christmas cards

You can prepare Christmas cards framed with your engagement pictures as a gifts for your parents.


13. Canvas prints hanging in your house

Print, put it in the frame and hang your favourite engagement photos in your house.


14. Social media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat you can use your photos to show off.