How to behave during an engagement photoshoot


I can only imagine what you feel before your first photo shoot. You might be stressed or have thoughts like: "What if I look stupid or unnatural?", "I don't know what to do with my hands", "Should I hug him?", "I'm sure that my face looks dumb."

In that situation the best thing that you can hear from your photographer is something like: "Just be yourself", "Have fun" or better "Do something, don't just stand in one place". Even if of course everyone wants you to feel relaxed and super confident, I wonder that those words won't help.

So what to do to feel a little bit more confident in front of the camera with your partner?

You need a Guideline!

Yes. A guideline showing you step by step what to do. I believe if someone knows what to do he can start feeling more confident and comfortable.

Let's start with general tips how to behave during an engagement photo shoot and then extend a little bit term of "Having fun and being yourself" to more specific examples. 


Your first date

Do you remember how your first date looked like? There was so much passion, fire, sexual tension, blushing where he was looking at you, sweating when he was close, trembling when he touched you for the first time. 

I know that after some time those things lose power. It's still there, but it isn't that strong as for the first time. I want you to know that's nothing bad, because in place of huge fire appears care and intimate bond.

You need to fan the flame sometimes. An engagement photo shoot is a good moment for that. Imagine that this is your first or second date. This boy looks so daaamned awesome and this girl...oh boy. 

Start seducing. Be flirty. Pretend to be shy. You can take the roles: He is a really confident and seductive Mr Grey and you are so pretty and cute little girl who just finished studies and kissed twice in her life.

Start moving closer and closer. Start touching her hair looking deeply into her eyes. Start petting her hand and thigh gently. Move closer and smell perfumes on her neck. Don't kiss her yet. Make it more intense. Start whispering to her ear what you like the most about her. How would you dress her...or undress. What your dreams are. What your most romantic and ideal date would look like. If the tension is too intense close your eyes and kiss her the most gently as you can. She has probably eaten you already. You start feeling butterflies in your stomach. 

I believe that you start feeling a little bit better and more comfortable. You have now idea. An engagement photo shoot is your date! The best thing about this date is that the person on your date is damned awesome. Eventually, you've chosen him and her to be with.

We can start now with more specific examples of...HAVING FUN.


1. Kiss her forehead

2. Kiss her cheek holding your hand on her second cheek

3. Kiss her nose

4. Kiss her hands

5. Close your eyes and smell her hair

6. Hug him or her from behind and look at each other

7. Stand straight looking at the camera like the Adam's Family 

8. The Adam's Family look at each other now and make the dumbest face ever

9. Start jumping up and down while holding hands

10. Hug like this. Hug like that. 

11. Start dancing salsa

12. Start dancing tango

13. Choose a place where you feel good

14. Change her boots if you hike

15. Feed yourselves if you are at home or in restaurant

16. Make a picnic if it's summer

17. Spend time doing your hobbies

18. Spend time with your pets and have fun with them

19. Drink wine or tea together in a restaurant

20. Go to Indian or Jewish restaurant where you can sit on the floor on pillows.

21. Eat ice creams if it's summer. Get dirty.

22. If it's winter go: ice skating, snow fighting, making a snowman, sledging

23. Use props e.g. take a big hat and hide behind him while kissing




I have to tell you something.


Now you are ready to be yourself and to have fun!