What does cooperation look like?

I am here for your before your wedding. I offer you my advices, inspirations, ideas and support. During your wedding I will try to be as much invisible as I can to not interrupt anyone. When I can create a story I focus on the naturalness, your emotions and intimacy that is between you. The photo shoot doesn't look different, because I will be also encouraging you to behave naturally and forget about the camera. Anytime you need I can give you clues and advices.


How should we pose? We don't feel good at it.

You don't have to bother it at all. I will be photographing your intimacy and emotions. I don't focus on posed pictures. I am aware that it can be hard to behave naturally in a new situation for you. That's why I am here for you anytime with my advices and inspirations.


Do you travel?

I love travelling! I've fallen in love with wedding photography for two reasons:

1. I love creating intimacy stories based on your honest feelings and emotions. It makes me incredible happy.

2. I love travelling! I want to visit new places and new people. 


What photography camera do you use? What would happen if your camera broke?

I use two full-frames Canon cameras with bright prime lenses. During a wedding I always backup photos.


Will you be using a flash?

No, I won't be using a flash at all.


Do you work alone?

I work alone :)


What is your style?

I would describe my style as a very emotional and focused on building true story fulfilled by intimacy and love of two people. In my photos I look for mood, timelessness, a touch of mystery, creativity and an emotion what makes a viewer feel something unique, something important.


What is your favourite mood and idea for photos and story? 

My favourite area is rustic, moody and unobvious. I feel the best in places far away from cities, places like forests, mountains, rivers. My ideal photo shoot would be in a wooden hut in the forest for at least two days to have time to know each other better and create beautiful real story.

I want you to know that this will be the story about yourselves, so if you feel better somewhere else let's do it in different place! Then you will feel most comfortable and the story will be real.


Will you help us decide where we should have a photo shoot?

Of course!


What do you think about an engagement photo shoot?

I think it's a great idea to know each other better and make you more comfortable with a camera. You would see how simple and pleasant it is :)


Do you edit every photo?

Yes, I edit every photo.


Will we get RAW files also?

RAW photos unlike as JPGs are totally lacking of colours and contrasts. I give photos only after selection and full editing process.


How will you be dressed?

As Barney Stinson said "Suit up!"


What if you get sick?

It would have to be really emergency accident to not show up on your most important day in life. But, if that happened, I would provide you a photographer with a style similar to mine photographing on my level or higher.


Do you have any advice for us? We are a little bit stressed.

My advice as a photographer would be: Don't really bother how you will look at photos. My opinion is, that the most beautiful effect will be when you are just yourselves and you show emotions. And emotions won't be missing at a wedding :) 


We're interest! What now?

And I cannot wait to meet you! :) Please, use my contact form. If you prefer to contact me directly, do not hesitate to call me +48 794 046 784. We will arrange the Skype conversation to meet each other!