Lightroom Presets 



You will find my presets below that I put my whole heart to create them.

I love naturalness and real emotions in photography. A touch of mystery and moody film look is also very important to me.

I’ve created these presets for people who like vintage/film look and artistic kind of photography.

I believe that lovers of cooler or warmer pictures, lifestyle, wedding, landscape or macro photographers will enjoy using them.

What you will find in the package?

The package contains 4 colors, 3 black and white presets and guideline that will help you to use them aaaaaaand…little surprise :)

You will find examples of my presets below - AFTER and BEFORE

Mori (jap. forest)

This is my main preset that I have edited most of my pictures.

It works basiclly in all kind of situations. Mori is characterized by naturalness in color skin and greens. It has also cool film look which gives vintage feel to photos.

Vindur (wind in icelandic)

It is preset that I use mainly to edit lifestyle photo shoots.

It is a little bit more subtle than Mori with more foggy look.

Fuego (fire in spanish)

Preset for people who like more warmer tones maintaining film look.

Vesi (water in Finnish)

It is preset for people who prefer cooler tones maintaining vintage look.

Tenebris (means dark in latin)

It is my favourite black and white preset. It is moody, dark and analog look like.

Silentium (means silence in latin)

Very subtle black and white preset for people who like touch of mystery.

Praesenti (which means being present in latin)

It is the most film look like black and white preset with very subtle blacks.

Presets - Michal Brzegowy