Paulina and Wojtek

Wedding Photographer in Poland


Paulina and Wojtek's engagement photo shoot took place during the sunrise in Krakow. You can only imagine how I look like at 5 am. Paulina and Wojtek however, even if slept only few hours looked amazing! They came to Krakow from Silesia.

I immediately felt that we feel the same "mood". We started our photo shoot while people were still parting like crazy on streets. This is the minus of shooting during the sunrise in the weekend. But for sure we had fun :D

We were walking through Kazimierz's streets until we went to Love Bride and along the Wisła river we came to Wawel where we were dancing and having fun. 

Few days later Paulina and Wojtek got married. That's why I wish you love birds all the best and I am sure that you will be wonderful marriage! :)