Justyna and Mateusz

Wedding Photgrapher Poland


Justyna and Mateusz's engagement photoshoot was a special moment for me, not only because of beautiful autumn weather, but also due to those all positive emotions, that they shared with me.

Before you start, please turn on the Novo Amor's song. It will help you empathise with the story.

We met together by lovely Justyna and Mateusz's house near the Ojcowski Park Narodowy. Soon after that warmed up we went to the destination point which was Dolina Kobylańska.


Without any fixed plan we have decided to go with the flow. Crowded path, very cloudy weather and not so many interesting spots for photoshoot, it all wasn't helpful in creating the beautiful story. Going forward I've noticed that all of these don't matter.  J and M forgot about camera and start acting as usual.  All other unfavourable factors stopped bothering us. Suddenly, just before sunset from the cloudy sky we saw gorgeous rays of the sun appearing.

Our few hours trip lasted like just a moment, that I haven't even noticed when it got dark.