Magda and Piotr

Photoshoot in Tatra mountains and in Zakopane


Our story has begun in Zakopane. Early morning we ate a breakfast together in a highlander's cottage, where we had slept. Mr Cat accompanied us. Mr Cat was a very big, avid on petting inhabitant. After a breakfast I encouraged Magda and Piotr to write a letters to each other to confess their love. 

They put letters in their pockets and we headed to the Tatra's trail. Besides catching interesting moments and views in my lens we really enjoyed our journey. At the end of the route, right before dawn I asked them to whisper their letters to each other. I didn't have to hear what they say. I was just observing the moment and their emotions.

"We've met in Radom by Piotr's sister, who was my friend from studies. I visited her for her birthday party and that was the first time when I met Piotr. We know each other for about 6 years. Piotr always tells me that he's fallen in love at the first sight. We were friends for 3 years. Then it just happen that our friendship has become something more." Magda