Kasia and Lukasz

Boho outdoor wedding in Tokarnia Poland


Kasia and Łukasz's wedding has been something really incredible for me and I had moments that I was experiencing it so emotionally even as much as them. 

Their wedding has made my photography dream come true, as it perfectly matches the mood where I feel the best.

Kasia and Łukasz's outdoor wedding was located in Tokarnia near Kielce city. The location is surrounded by dense forests. You can feel there really like on the countryside. There are a lot of animals like cows, goats or beautiful black horses. 

Kasia's preperation started in the wooden choose and the wedding party was in the brick-wooden granary. Everything was matched perfectly building wonderful rustic mood. Even our boho bride started running borefoot.

I experienced amazing journey and I am really happy that I could assist Kasia and Łukasz in the most important day in their life.

Hope you enjoy the story.


Wedding Day


The next day...