Photography Tutorials that gave me a lot


Every time I write any article or speak to the camera I try to imagine yourself, you my reader and listener. I ask myself: how much can I provide you more value with my tutorials? How did I feel when I was starting?

I write this article to share with you all tutorials and inspirational photographers that I could find that helped me a lot at the beginning of my photography journey.

As you probably know I’m Polish :) That’s why some tutorials (at the end of the article) will be in my native language. But don’t worry! There is a lot of stuff in English.

3, 2, 1… GO!

Creative Live

I will start with the absolutely MUST HAVE to see. Creative Live YouTube channel founded by amazing photographer Chase Jarvis. This guy is a great teacher, artist, motivator and hustler. He is a great inspiration for me every single day.

You can find many, many tutorials on his channel how to edit or take photos.

There is one very powerful video that you should definitely watch. It’s changed a lot in my mindset:

Put Passion First and the Money Will Follow

Jessica Kobeissi

Jessica is a fashion and portrait photographer. You can learn on her YouTube channel A LOT! How to edit portraits. How to shoot. See her backstages and many photography challenges.

I like very much especially this tutorial:

Get Cinematic Color Grading With This Trick In Photoshop


If I could give you only one the best YouTube channel about Photoshop and Lightroom it would be PhLearn. I just cannot tell you how much I’ve learnt with this dude. And I love his sense of humor! He is just fabulous :)

Some of my favorites:

Boudoir Photography

Something for tigers ;) I love sensual photography and this tutorial has been one of my favorite.

Posing Tutorial

Some time ago I was shooting mostly models. And this tutorial was very helpful for me and for my models. I was showing girls this video very often.

Photoshop Manipulations

If you like getting crazy and creating some really awesome fantasy cool effects in Photoshop check out these:

Peter McKinnon

What can I say about Peter…? That he is for sure…special :D

I just love watching this dude. He is funny and he shares his photography and videography knowledge in a very cool way.

I love the most those tutorials:


Adorama is ABSOLUTELY my Number ONE on the list! This is the best Photography Channel I’ve ever seen. I’ve learnt so much with those guys!!!

Here are some of my favorites:

Joe Edelman

Joe is a great portrait photographer. You will find many tutorials how to shoot portraits on his YouTube channel.

Here are some of my favorite videos:


This channel is so cool! They are creating short videos with very useful photography tips and tricks. You should definitely check them out!

My favorites:


Some of my favorite videos and articles about storytelling:

Photography Life

Page with a looooot oooof basic and advanced tutorials.

Here is the link with more advanced tutorials:

Mango Street

I love them! Photography tutorials and tips that you will love.

Julia Trotti

I love her <3 She is so sweet and lovely. Portrait and wedding photographer who is impossible to not love.

Marc Klaus

Another great portrait photographer who shows a lot of backstages. He is also very positive person.

And now something for my Polish readers now :)

Moi drodzy tutaj znajdziecie coś po polsku na co napewno warto zwrócić uwagę!

Thank you for reading! Hope you will learn or find something valuable in these tutorials.