Photography books worth reading


In this post you will find all photography books and e-books that I've read and my short summary about them.

You will find here books with the following subjects:

  • photography basics, 
  • portraits, 
  • landscape photography,
  • wedding photography,
  • fashion photography,
  • marketing in photography,
  • light in photography,
  • travel photography,
  • creative photography and inspirations,
  • sport photography,
  • street photography,
  • photography gear and technical aspects,
  • photography studio - how to build your own,
  • Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.


Digital Photography volumes 1, 2, 3  Scott Kelby

Scott's books are absolutely no 1 on my photography list worth reading. Digital Photography series teach you from the beginning how to become a great photographer. How to you use your camera (he uses Nikon, but I use Canon and I didn't have any problems with understanding his lessons). The author shows you how to shoot in different situations with different light conditions. All book are divided on chapters, so if you are interested only in portraits you can go directly to "portrait chapter". 2nd and 3rd volumes are more advanced for someone who already knows photography basics. Scott's writing style is very funny and sarcastic. I enjoyed very much reading his books! :)  I definitely recommend his books, no matter what kind of photography you are interested in.


Photography school National Geographic P.K. Burian i R. Caputo

The another big number on my list. The book focuses mostly on travel photography and landscapes. If your prime goal is landscape / travel photography you should definitely learn with National Geographic. They are the best. They show you technical aspects with your photography gear in field, but also lessons about light and how to protect your camera from bad weather conditions. 


new book of photography - how to see and take better pictures John Hedgecoe

Very, very good book. Even if it's a little bit old it has a loot of actual and valuable knowledge. If you don't know yet what kind of photography you are interested in you should definitely read John's book as soon as you will read Scott's. You will find there many valuable information how to shoot indoor and outdoor, how to shoot people, things, nature, buildings, movement, animals and much more.


The digital slr expert - portraits - assential advice from top pro!  M. Cleghorn, M.Hoyle, E. McCabe, S. Shipman, B. Thomassen

Very interesting book for photographers interested in shooting portraits. It's unique and different than other portrait books, because it is a set of advices from few portrait experts. Each of them is from different photography industry. So you will find there advices from a wedding photographer, a fashion photographer or a sport photographer. The book is very helpful for beginners, because you can see photo parameters that photographers used during taking a picture. Authors described in details what kind of light and gear they used. I highly recommend! I've discovered few very interesting portrait photographers who have inspired me to grow. 


Available light - photographic techniques for using existing light sources D. Marr

Very cool, short and detailed book. The second most important factor during photographing people is light. First are emotions. But this book is about light. You will learn how to work with natural light, how to place your model and how to shoot in different time of the day. You will learn how to use your environment to bounce the light. If you are looking for naturalness and you are interested mostly in shooting using available light this book is definitely for you.


Professional wedding photography G. "Moment" Płaczek

This is the book for photographers interested in weddings. Even if the author's photo style is totally different than mine (this is my subjective opinion) Grzegorz provides a lot of valuable knowledge giving you advices how to start your photography wedding business, how to build your website, portfolio, use SEO, work on Social Medias and how to create beautiful wedding stories. A lot of useful knowledge!


Fashion photography course -  E. Siegel

This is the book, which was with me on every model photo shoot, both indoor and outdoor. You will find there a lot of knowledge about posing your model and your camera to make a girl even more beautiful on your pictures. You will find there many photo examples and detailed information about every aspect of posing. If you are interested in fashion or portrait photography this book is a huge encyklopedia.


The complete photo manual - 300+ skills and tips for making great pictures M. Leuchter

It's the book, which I treat more as a set of inspirations to make unusual and original photos. You will find there many beautiful and creative photos and instructions how to create them. There are many interesting portraits, fun with light, but also technical advices regarding photo edition. 


Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Scott Kelby

And Scott again and his wonderful books, but this time regarding photo editing. They are huge with hundred pages. To be completely honest, I haven't read all of them. I've read only the most interesting chapters for me. If you don't have enough time as me to read whole I advice you to use Youtube tutorials to learn photo editing in Photoshop and Lightroom. Scotts has them a lot on Youtube. I plan to create another post on my blog with the most useful Youtube tutorial which helped me learn how to edit my photos. If you don't want to miss it use the form below to subscribe.


Zarabiaj na fotografii - Digital Camera Polska

It's the last position on my list. It's the Polish one. I am not sure if there is an English equivalent. You can try to find it, as it's the good one. It's the Digital Camera's newspaper special edition with 196 pages about making money by photography. Highly recommended for people wanted to start making career as a photographer, no matter if wedding, portrait or travel one.


That's it for now! There are many other articles and newspapers that I've read and I still read, but this post focuses mostly on books. In future I will write continuation regarding photographic websites, blogs, articles and newspapers worth reading.

My photographic library is still growing, so I will update this post regularly. Maybe you know something interesting and valuable worth reading? Share it with me in comment below. I'd love to read it!

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