How to set up a camera?


I this article I'm going to tell you exactly how I set up my camera to each situation.

If you prefer watching a video you can click the movie below and see me explaining and showing everything step by step.


I'm the canon user, but you can adjust those tips also to Nikon or Sony. There are just different types of buttons and names of modes. 


1. Live view mode 

In 90% of time I shoot in Live view mode. Thanks to that I can see on the screen exactly how my photo will look like.


2. Black and White

I shoot in a black and white mode (monochrome), because I can focus more on shadows, highlights, shapes and emotions than on colours. After importing my photos to Lightroom all of them will be in colour.


3. Lens Autofocus

I always shoot using AF mode on my lens.


4. RAW

I always shoot only in RAW. I never use JPG or RAW + JPG. RAW gives me full control of my pictures during the editing process and RAW + JPG option slows down my camera in the Continuous Shooting mode.


5. Auto White Balance

I use AWB, because it just doesn't matter, as I will have full control about colours during the editing process.

Quick tip: You can adjust your white balance in the Lightroom by using the Eye Dropper on something what should be pure white or grey. 


6. AF Mode

When I shoot in Live View I use AF Quick mode. When I shoot using viewfinder I shoot in One Shot mode while photographing still photos as landscapes and AI Focus while photographing dynamic situations.

Quick tip: I shoot using viewfinder and AI Focus where there is a really dynamic situation as running kids or sport. 


7. Manual

I always shoot in full manual mode (M button) no matter if shoot a wedding, portrait, street photography or travels. 

I always start with the aperture. To shoot portraits I go with the lowest aperture as I can, so in my case it would be F/1.4. When I shoot landscapes or wider shots I would set up something between F/7 - F/11 or at least F/5.6.

Then I move to the shutter speed. When I shoot with 35mm lens (I use a full frame camera) I never go lower than 1/125. If I shoot with 85mm lens I never go lower than 1/160. 

If the photo is too dark with ISO 100 I increase it until it's ok.

The general rule is that you shouldn't go higher than 6400 ISO with a full frame camera and 800 ISO with a cropped camera if you want to have a really good quality picture with a little grain.


8. Metering mode

It doesn't matter if you shoot in a manual mode as I do.  


9. Shooting mode

I shoot mostly in the continuous mode (another words Burst Mode) to catch all these little moments and details, especially when I shoot couples or street photography. I can shoot even 20 photos in a row and I will choose only 1 of them with the best emotion.

I shoot in a single mode when I shoot still photos as landscapes.


10. Choosing your AF point

I always choose the middle one as in most cases I want to have faces and things I aim in focus.


Thank you for reading and in case of any question just drop me a message.