How to make animated GIFs


In this tutorial I'm going to show you step by step how to make animated GIFs using Photoshop.

If you prefer watching you can skip this article and find the video below.

Good luck and let me know if you have any difficulties! 


Step 1.

Prepare your camera:

- Set up Full Manual Mode (M)

- Find the moving object

- Set up Continuous Shooting Mode (High Speed)

- Stand steady and try to not shake your camera at all (you can use tripod)

- Shoot as many photos as you can in a row (e.g. 17-25)


Step 2. 

- Export your photos to Lightroom

- Edit them all in the same way (use Sync option) - it's very important to set up all settings the same way including White Balance

- Select all photos -> Right click -> Edit in -> Open as layers in Photoshop


Step 3.

- After uploading all photos in Photoshop (it can last a while) click Window -> Timeline

- On opened Timeline click "Create new animation"

- Then click three little lines button


- Click "Make Frame from Layers"  and then "Reverse Frames"

- Select all layers on the right -> Edit -> Image Size -> Resolution 72 -> Width 2048px (if you upload on Facebook, Instagram or other Social Media) / Width 800px if you upload on your website (to not slow down your loading time)

- Select again all your layers on the right -> Edit -> Auto Align Layers -> Auto or Reposition (try with both options, usually Auto is the best, but sometimes it looks horrible and you need to use Reposition)

- Delete empty areas around your all images (select one by one on the Timeline) but using "Crop Tool)

- Select all layers on the Timeline and under the images on the Timeline change 0sec on 0.1 or 0.2 (try with both and decide which one looks cooler for you. I usually use 0.1 sec)

- Under the 0 / 0.1sec button there is "Once" section. Change it on "Forever"


Step 4.1 (For Social Media)

- Select all layers on the Timeline and duplicate them 10-20 times by clicking on the "paper button" (you can find in near the trash under the Timeline)

- Click File -> Export -> Render as video -> Save -> Done! 


To upload your GIF on Facebook on Instagram you have to export this as a mp4 as Social Media doesn't see .gif format.


Step 4.2 (For your website)

- Click File -> Export -> Save for Web

- Make sure that GIF format is selected not JPG

- Change width to 700-800 -> Change colors to 64-128. If it looks very bad stay with 256

- Save -> Done! :) You can upload GIF on your website (it reads .gif format)


Good luck!