How to find creativity in your life


What is creativity for you? It might be an act of creating something new or using your imagination to do something differently. Why do you need it and why is it important for you? And first of all how can you increase your creativeness? 

For me creativity has a really important place in my life, no matter what I do. It makes me happy when I do something what is mine, what I've chosen to create, to share and to show people how I think. Creativity is a life style, when you start thinking and seeing the world in your own colours. The best thing about that is you will live in the most amazing world ever. The worst thing is that not everybody will understand that. 

In this article I am writing about my beliefs, how you can increase your creativeness and how you can work every day building your world in your colours.

Will it be simple? Yes and no. 


Find your passion

This one is the most important point in my opinion. You need to find your niche that you will fall in love. Everything starts with things you love. It can be anything and it will be perfect as long as you love doing it. If you don't have niche you love yet, don't worry. Do you think that everyone borns with knowledge what they want to do for the rest of their life? No. Those who already know are really lucky. Do you know how many things I tried until I've realised what I want to do? I was doing researching and trying so many things and I was always coming to the same point that those things are not for me. It used to be depressing for me. Do I regret that I've lost time?

1 year ago I thought that I'm useless, because everything what I did occurred to be failure. Currently even if I don't do those things I really value experiences I've got, because I've learnt something new, I've met many people and ways of thinking.

Here is my advice: If you don't know what to do and where to go with your life and how to find your passion start with tasting EVERYTHING. Try this, try that, try everything. Try new things, new activities and do it as long as you will feel that this is it. If after some time it occurs that this isn't what you love start exploring from the beginning and treat it as a valuable experience. The sooner you start exploring and tasting new things the sooner you find your niche. 

You know, I've fallen in love with photography by coincidence. Even I'm not hundred percent sure that it's something what I want to do for the rest of my life I'm currently really happy and it's something what I want to continue doing. 


Is talent what really matters?

You've found your passion, but you feel that you don't have enough talent or you don't have it at all. The only thing that blocks you is not your lack of talent, but your head. I don't believe in something like talent. That what really matters is hard work. You need to put enormous work to become an expert in your craft. It doesn't sound encouragingly, isn't it? That is why I started with telling you that passion is the most important thing in finding creativity in your life. If you love what you do you can spend hundreds of hours on exploring, writing, reading, speaking and doing stuff what you love and you will be still happy. If you try to build or create something what you don't believe you will start frustrating and eventually you will let it go.  

NO talent

Love to your stuff + Hard work


Become an expert in your niche 

You need to become an expert in your craft. Everyone's started somewhere. The internet and social medias are your power in the today's modern world. No matter if you love writing, singing, designing, programming, dancing, photographing, posing or anything else you can find almost everything in the internet. 

Start exploring. Learn. Make notes. Try, fail, learn. 

I cannot even count how many hours I've spent on reading photography books, forums, blogs, reviewing others' photographers work or speaking with specialists. And I'm still doing it! I don't only take photos and write articles. I learn new things every day. I learn how to make better photos, how to create better stories, how to build more beautiful and user friendly website and even how to speak with you to build connection. It is the endless learning process and the best thing about that is that it will never end. 


Inspire yourself with others

Da Vinci said that "Good artists copy, great artists steal." My interpretation and way of thinking is that before you start creating something new it's great to inspire with someone's work who is doing your craft better than you. I've spent really long time on analysing my favourite photographers and storytellers and every detail of their work. That was the way how I started learning. Does it mean that I steal their way of work or copy everything? No, it doesn't. It means that I've learnt something what I like, because I didn't know how to start achieving effect what I want and now I put myself to my work. I put my emotions, my values and my way of perceiving the world, not someone's else. It's impossible to think and create something identically as other person as we all are different. 


Surround yourself with creative and inspiring people

Start surrounding yourself with people who love what you love. Start connecting and speaking with them. Do you know that feeling when you start telling passionately to someone about your stuff and all you can see is bored face? I do. There are many people out there who would love to hear your story and share emotions with you. 

I really get it that not everyone is extrovert and not everyone has that flow to open to everybody. I'm an introvert and I feel better while sharing my thoughts on paper or through my photos and I'm also struggling with the topic - how to find and open to people who share the same passion as me. No matter if you are an extrovert or an introvert there are many ways to find people with common interests. There are Facebook groups, Instagram, Meet Up, many different forums or events.


Leave your comfort zone. Take risk

To expand your creativeness we have to leave our comfort zone...all the time. We need to take risk, try new things, explore unknown, expose ourselves on failures and others' people opinions. You might be frightened. I was too. I'm still afraid sometimes to do something, but you know what? After all I'm always happy that I did it. Create your bucket list with smaller and bigger things you want to achieve and start planning how to do it one by one. This is your life. There isn't something like LUCK or DREAMS COME TRUE. The only way is to leave your comfort zone, plan specific set of actions to achieve your goals, work hard every day and make your dreams true.


Build your confidence

To leave your comfort zone you need to build your confidence and high self-esteem. Unfortunately, there will be always people who won't like what you do. You can call them haters, jealous competition or just someone who don't like you. That's ok. You don't need to fight them. You don't need to bother. You don't have to be perfect and pretend someone who you aren't just to pleased everyone. You can be just yourself and express yourself in a way you want. Everything is ok and nobody can stop you as long as your intentions are good, honest and you are kind for everybody.

Fight your failures. Don't let failures to posses your self-esteem. Treat them only as a feedback how to become better.


How to create if there is lack of creativity

I know that it was a quite long introduction to something what you are probably looking for here - specific answers - but I believe that this introduction is a fundamental to start building your creativeness. So let's start with some more detailed tips that you might find useful. 

How to create if you have an empty head and no ideas?

You don't have to create anything. This is the probably one of the most valuable advice I've heard within this topic which has changed everything. I know what you are thinking. What the hell Michal?

The best thing about creativeness is that you start creating really cool stuff when you realise that you don't have to create anything. It's enough that you start documenting your life, your craft, your passion in a way you see and feel it! There is nobody in this world who feels and sees exactly as you. You might be thinking that things you do are boring and no one likes it, but you are wrong. There are tone of people who would fall in love in the way how you see the world as long as you will keep it positive and kind. 

So one more time. Stop creating, start documenting. 


Find your time

I don't feel super creative all the time. It's impossible. I have better and worse moments. All of us are only humans. I find myself sometimes more creative and sometimes less e.g. I love writing and photographing during weekends. I can drink coffee in the morning not worrying about the fact that I need to leave my home soon to go to work.

Sometimes I travel to work and I see this beautiful sunrise or kissing couple at the bus station and it inspires me to write something about it or use this idea in my next photo shoot. I pull out my phone immediately and note my ideas in the notepad. If I don't write it down I will forget about it FOR SURE. Maybe I have problems with my memory, I don't know, but I know that I need to write everything down and I recommend the same for you. 


Enjoy your life

Maybe it sounds like a truism, but it so simple and true at the same time. I just love, love, love doing my stuff when I feel good, when I listen to my favourite music that inspires me, watch movies or when I spend wonderful time somewhere.

Happiness, pleasure, clear mind and soul is a key to everything. What's the purpose of doing something or mastering your craft if you don't feel happy?



Meditation is really great. I love chilling and cleaning my mind from whole chaos surrounding me. It helps me to feel better, to unleash my creativeness and eventually to just be a happy person. I don't sit on the floor like a Yoga Master staring at the wall. I try to clean my mind e.g. while walking, driving to work or watching people in the park. 


Sleep and eat well

With this point I have most problems for a longer time. I'm not proud of it and I'm aware that it is something what I need to fix.

Sleeping minimum 6 hours per day at the same time of the day and eating healthy food is more important for our body and mind than we can even imagine. As the ancient Romans and Greeks used to say "a healthy mind in a healthy body".


Use snowball effect

Sometimes when you start realising your idea it leads you automatically to another great one. It is called a "snowball technique". I call it also flow, where I'm in the state of mind while I have tone of ideas and even if it is not appropriate to use at this moment I write everything down to not forget about them. 


Keep your creativity journal

Create a journal where you will be putting all your ideas. I keep it in my phone as I never know when good idea might come.

I use Evernote application. I've created many separate notes. In my case as a photographer I have the following sections:

  • Plan for today / Plan for this week
  • Brainstorm Ideas: For blogging / For Facebook posts
  • Statistics and observations
  • Photo tips
  • SEO / Marketing
  • Hashtags
  • Inspirational photographers
  • Photo associations  
  • Useful links
  • Music
  • Models / MUA / Hair


Create your mind map and mood boards

Have you ever used Pinterest? It is a social media platform created for people who are looking for inspirations within almost all topics. You can create your mood boards there and name them e.g. "Wedding dresses", "DIY", "Boho decorations" etc.

A mind map is another great idea to launch your creativity. Take a big piece of paper and write down some questions. And then start brainstorming and writing many different answers using arrows.

In my case it would be e.g. "Ideas for engagement outdoor photo shoot".


Be kind and grateful

You might start thinking now - "how being a nice person can help my creativity?".

Believe me or not, but being kind and grateful not only makes you more creative person, but also happier. How? If you are often angry and frustrated and generally you don't like people (it's not the same as introvert) your mind will block your creativity and you will be frustrated even more. While you are good and kind for people you also feel well and your mind is open for new ideas and solutions.


Unplug yourself

The last one which we shouldn't underestimate. We all need to chill and rest. Take your time if you feel overwhelmed.

Creativeness needs time and space. It means that you cannot hustle at all costs. If you feel tired just leave it. Go out, take your girlfriend or boyfriend for a walk or to a cinema. Have a trip to mountains or to forest. I just love travelling to mountains. This is my best way to unplug myself. There is nothing besides wind and trees noises. 

Find your way to unplug yourself.



If you've survived, thank you for reading it. Feel free to write to me to discuss it no matter if you agree with me or not. Drop me a comment below what you like the most about it. It would be nice for me :) Thanks!