Fairytale portrait photoshoot


Do you like fairytales? Because I do, even I'm almost 27. Oh My Dear God :o I have only 3 years to 30. Ok, you won't watch with me neither Dragon Ball nor Pokemons (however Pokemons was my favourite TV tale), but you will: animated movies such as "Where is Nemo?", "Frozen", "Tangled", Shrek" or "Puss in boots" and much, much more. That's where the idea for the story stale photoshoot came from. 

At the beginning, together with Monika we wanted to create something aka Elsa from Frozen, but there was no...snow, so we decided to create our own tale. Let's name it: "How you can use your prom dress in a creative way".


We started our journey in the Wolski Forest in Krakow. Weather wasn't good. Honestly, it was so cloudy that I started planning making horror in stead of tale. A moment of doubt and then...suddenly a beautiful sun and lovely sunset on Piłsudski Mound.

Every story has the beginning and the end. "How you can use your prom dress in a creative way" starts here, but maybe there will be continuation one day :)