Cozy portrait photoshoot - Natural light vs Flash


Gabrysia came to my house to have a portrait photoshoot. Instead of making simple, posed portaits using a backdrop we've decided to create something in lifestyle, cozy mood, using morning coffee, blanket and books.  

I used to shoot only posed portraits using flashes in my homemade photo studio. Currently, practically I don't shoot using a flash at all, because there is a lack of emotions, naturalness, a history. That's why I prefer shooting people in their natural interactions and catching moments while they are just themselves. 

Why do I prefer natural light instead of a flash?

While using a flash we are able to create practically any mood on a photo. We can manipulate it, what gives us incredible possibilities. Speedlighs (with HSS feature giving us ability to use a flash during a day) and lighting umbrellas are extremely portable and we can take it for almost any outside photoshoot. I used to do that. I was creating sun and warm mood using speed lights while there was a cloudy or awful weather. I don't do it anymore. You will ask me why. Nevertheless it gives me a lot of possibilities! 

Natural light is tougher to control. It's fussy, changeable and often non cooperative. Natural light often requires looking for an appropriate place to soften it. It means that we won't be shooting portraits in a full sun, because there will be harsh shadows on a person's face. We will be looking for shadow. Cloudy weather often causes, that your photos are dark and you need to increase ISO option in your camera, what can cause you more grain on pictures.

Why do I still prefer natural light? Why do I decide to turn to the dark side without flash power? 


The answer is very simple. Because, no matter what light conditions I have, natural light gives me unique atmosphere, which I cannot achieve using a flash. I can try manipulating with a speedlights, but I will never have the same atmosphere on my picture than while using only natural light. 

That's why I try to not use flashes anymore. I won't be using them even on a wedding. Probably, I will be using speedlights only sometimes in my homemade studio. I like coming back to it, especially to the Beauty Dish, which beautifully highlights my models' cheek bones and make :) With grid put on it looks like a portable grill. Anyway, that's what my mom said.   

Ok, the end of talking.

A portrait photoshoot and a short backstage

PS. Don't think that I've thrown away my speedlights completely. Few photos from this photoshoot were made using...a speedlight and a lighting umbrella (those ones on a plain backdrop).