Your weakness is your weapon


Why is it so important to show your real face and how it can affect your business?

No matter what kind of business you have or you are going to have you will always work with people. Each of us wears social masks. You behave differently when you talk with your mom than with your girlfriend. We are programmed to keep distance show only necessary things and emotions in different situations. It is so normal and obvious for us that we won’t speak with our boss at the same way that with our girlfriend.

That’s all ok and I cannot imagine another scenerio, but… What if we would start behaving in completely different way than our values just because in order to adopt to society or because someone told us to do? It could be our previous boss, a friend or worse…family. Why is it worse? It’s worse, because our moms and dads have the most impactful affect on us and our beliefs. 

Let’s say that you were taught to behave in some way, to be nice, to keep distance and don’t show your personal stuff in work, because it can affect on you in negative way. But you are now an adult and you feel that something might be wrong. 

I will reveal you the secret. The most important secret of all secrets in the today’s modern world. 

I speak and treat at the same way CEOs as a cleaner in the kitchen. Do you think I am crazy? If you do, that’s because someone told you it’s crazy and you live in matrix. 

We are equal and we have the same rights. Do you think that Bill Gates doesn’t come back to home and have a barbecue during weekends with his friends? 

Yea, yea, I know what you are going to say right now: “Yes, but this is the business world. We won’t be speaking with Bill Gates at the same way as during the barbecue with friends”.



You will. Will I? Why? Because we are all humans and we all have emotions. I bet that Bill Gates spoke with many investors and stakeholders that were super nice and were wearing masks to do everything to get his attention. You don’t have to be super inteligent like Bill Gates to feel that something is wrong or fake. 

No matter what kind of position you have and what kind of person you are we all can distingush on the subconsius level honest and true attitude instead of fake one (Unless you are psychopath and can manipulate others).

I would speak with Bill Gates at the same way that I speak with my boss who my friend is and we have connection. 

Ok, let’s make things clear here. I wouldn’t start conversation: “Yo Dude, how is this Windows’ things going?”, but I would be myself and don’t pretend to be someone who I am not, only because it’s Bill Gates. The paradox is that you can achieve then more, even if e.g. you are a little bit clumsy. I can remember one situation from my life. I was attending some psychological lecture and there was a lecturer speaking to houndres of people including me in the room. And his first words to the audience were: “Guys, sorry for my shirt. I’ve spelt my coffee on it a moment before. I’ve decided to come here and give you a chance to laugh how clumsy I am instead of being late.” I don’t know why I’ve remembered this situation. It was so simple, funny and honest at the same time. He wasn’t pretending. He was just himself. He’s won my heart. 

You don’t need to be perfect and have solution for everything to make people like you. It’s enough that you will be yourself, that you will show your true values and beliefs. And you will explain why some things are important to you and why you love what you do. You will tell about your failures and fears. 


Your business is reflection of your personality.

There are so many kind of businesses that you might have, but there is always the same rule in this world. In each business it’s always, always all about PEOPLE. 

I will be completely honest with you. I didn’t study business or marketing. I don’t even sell anything. I have moments like right now that I am thinking “Why am I writing this article?” I am just a wedding photographer and a recruiter. I will tell you why. I work with people every day. Social media world is my passion. I spend my whole free time on observing others’ behaviours in the internet, their businesses and their ways of speaking with customers. I will tell you something. Most of them write something like that: News, updates about their achievements and some hard facts. They download stock photos and put it on social media and they feel that they are fine. People are commenting, but the company is not engaging. 1 week later the company puts another update or analytics how great they were in this year. 

Do know you what already missing is?

Engagement. Humanity. True face. Emotional connection.

  1. People want to know who YOU are. They want to know what kind of person sit in front of the desk in your company. They want to know what you like, what you don’t like. They want to see YOU and YOUR team on your photos, not another stock image with a girl who gets 100$ for posing in a model agency. 
  2. They want to be HEARD. Social media is the easiest way to reach people from the whole world in the today’s modern world. So use it to ENGAGE with people. If they comment, you reply. You reply to every comment. You treat every person as a unit. You need to be honest and engage with ALL people. If your company is so huge and you have 1000 comments per day, hire someone passionate who understands human’s interactions and emotions who will be doing it for you.
  3. Show “behind the scene”. You don’t have to create something cool and incredible to connect with people. It’s enough to DOCUMENT your work and your passion. Show people how you work, what you use or where you sit.
  4. Speak to people. Each of us has mobiles, right? Try to record yourself speaking to people about yourself and your business and put it wherever you can, on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Medium or Youtube. It will cost you 2 minutes and people will feel empathy to yourself much more.
  5. Show your true face. It’s really great that this year you are better than X company. But you know what? People also want to know how you feel when you loose. When you show your real face, your weakness people see the real person in you and your company, someone to trust. They will remember you.

Your weakness is your weapon.



  • You can and you should treat CEOs at the same way as you treat an older lady in a grocery store.
  • You should always believe in yourself and your values.
  • Treat all people as kind as you can. Kindness is the key.
  • Put passion in everything you do and don’t be afraid to talk and show it to EVERYONE. 
  • If you don’t feel passion to things you do, stop doing it right now and start doing something else.
  • Show people your true face: Photos of yourself or your team.
  • Speak to people how your day looked like, how you feel.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell about your looses and fears. 
  • Engage with EVERY person who shows you interest. If someone was that kind to comment your post or appreciate your work do the same for him. 


I’d like to wish you all the best and I hope that there will be more and more honest people and interecations in the today’s world. More empathy, more real emotions, more kindness and less fake masks.

To not be causeless I am giving you the cherry on top. 

31 funny, embarrassing, maybe interesting facts about myself. 

Don’t judge, please :) I was young.

Thank you for reading my article. I really like writing and express my thoughts “on paper”, but it’s really nice that someone is reading it.

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