Tomb Raider - Backstage


The idea for making Tomb Raider photo shoot came to me during watching other cosplay photographers works. I saw this awesome cosplay from The Last of Us game and I though "Holly shit, it's really awesome and incredible creative. I want to make something similar!" 

In childhood I loved playing computer games, especially RPGs, where I could be anyone I want and develop my character in a way I want. That's why I felt that this cosplay will be fun!

At the beginning I was thinking that I will choose some strong male character, but then I thought about Lara Croft. Cute, strong girl fighting for survival. That was it :)

I put ad on Facebook and I saw Olga. I knew it immediately that she is the one. We started planning. Olga as a professional cosplayer took care about her clothes. I've made a quiver, arrows, a torch, I bought oil and a see wave.

Tomb Raider Cosplay Backstage.jpg
Tomb Raider Cosplay Backstage.jpg
Tomb Raider Cosplay Backstage.jpg


During preparation we were both playing Tomb Raider from 2013 to feel the mood even more :)  



When everything was ready we moved to Ojcowski Park Narodowy. At the location Paulina made a really awesome makeup. Our Lara started looking really damnably..



During whole trip Grzesiek accompanied us, who's made really cool backstage video! You should definitely see it ->


After watching the video it's time for few "pearls" from our journey. 

PS. Photo shoot in the cave with a torch and a sea wave we made in the abandoned cave far away from Ojcowski Park Narodowy.