Keep the fire burning



Morning! First of all sorry for my sweatpants.

I’d like to send the message to everyone who is passionate about something, has their own world and loves what they do, but they don’t have enough power and confidence to reforge it into the way for living for the rest of your life. I don’t want to sound as a life coach right now, because I’m not that kind of person, but I believe that everyone deserves to see that.

First of you need to show up! Wherever you can. We have so many free possibilities in the today’s modern world. We don’t need television and radio anymore. We have Youtube, Instagram, Audio Podcasts, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many others Social Media platforms. You need to go out and show up to the world, yourself and your passion.

You need to learn about those platforms as much as you can. Instagram runs differently than Facebook. So for instance using appropriate hashtags from your niche works great on Insta, but not especially on FB. There are so many free tutorials in the Internet. Just show initiative!

Consistence and patience! In my opinion this is the key. You need to post your work EVERYDAY. This is hard work guys. But if we want to live only by our passion we need to work hard. The best thing about this is that it is something what we love and it will keep us on fire. Patience, Patience, Patience. Do you know how many times I had thoughts like this: enough! ? Too many. And then I remind myself that if I resign I lose the greatest opportunity in my life. To live on my own terms doing what I love. Do you work for 1, 2, 12, 48 months with no results? Do it for the rest of your live. It’s better that just sitting and do nothing and complaining while we’ll be elderly that „I could do that and that”.

It’s not easy to step out, show your face and talk to people, even if it’s stuff you love. I know it’s not easy, because I’m a really introvert guy and I was always very individual person so I’m dealing with it everyday. But do you what really blocks us from doing this? Fear of opinion other people. It’s so easy to hate someone today, especially in the internet where you can be anonymous. Let me be very directly in this point. DON’T let any psycho to ruin your passion, fire and self-esteem. Just don’t bother about them at all. Find people that support and love you. Block, ignore or be nice for haters. You are the most important person in this world, not some psychos’ opinions. If you know that what you do is great and you are kind for people you will keep your high self-esteem and ignore rude comments.

Give people value. I believe that too many people want to get something too quickly not giving anything in return. Give value. What I mean by that? Share your knowledge for free. Be kind for people. Someone appreciates your work? Appreciate them also! We love compliments, right? I love complementing people, but only in a true and honest way. 

Be yourself. Share your personality. I know, I know. You’ve heard that too many times. But it’s true! Why do you think I behave very often really childish and silly on my insta stories or videos? Because this is who I am! I don’t what to pretend someone who I’m not. I don’t want to pretend to be super professional with business manner guy. I’m aware that many people won’t like me and the way I am, but those who like me will stay and they matter. Because in another case sooner or later people would feel that I have a fake mask and that I’m pretending. I’m clumsy, unorganised with horrible charisma guy and since I’ve started recording myself I’ve noticed that I have a one eye bigger. (what the..), but I’m still doing it. 

Share your story. When I was starting my journey I didn’t have idea what to write and speak about. I was totally out of ideas and creativity. And then I’ve realised that I don’t need to create anything. It’s enough to document your thought, emotions and share your values and knowledge to the world!

That’s it. Send that article to someone who you think should see that.

One more thing. If you feel that you have a bad moment and you are lack of motivation check out this guy work and stuff @garyvee. Everything what I’ve just written is built on his values. I am changing my life because of him. You can also write and speak with me. I’m dead serious. If you need to talk, ask about anything or just need a kick in your ass just write to me.

Thank you for reading. Wish you all to always believe in yourself!