Funny facts about myself


1. I used to have long hair. Everyone including homeless people and my teacher at university was telling me that I look like Kurt Cobain. 

2. I was dancing ballet and modern dance for 1 year when I was 18. 

2. I dance Salsa (New York and Bachata) since I was 18.

3. When I was a kid and teenager I was training different martial arts for a longer time. In that order: Judo -> Kendo -> Acrobatics -> Capoiera. 

4. I was training Le Parkour running through the entire city and jumping on the roofs.

6. I have acoustic and electronic guitars. I used to play.

7. When I was a little I was playing piano and one day my teacher wanted to send me to the competition. I've got scared and never come back.

8. In the first years of my life I was speaking like a girl.

9. When I was a kid the best way to put me to sleep was seating me on a potty. 

10. When I was a teenager I was metrosexual, grunge, heavy metal boy, emo, hipster, a half woman a half man...I am not sure who exactly I was...

11. Since I have a cat I've started sneaking all over the house.

12. When I was a really small kid my mum signed me to the dance lessons. I fell in love with the older girl who my dance partner was. One day she changed her partner, because I was trampling on her feet all the time. I was devastated and I've never come back there.

13. I can eat cheese and dumplings in tones since I was a kid.

14. Cereal with milk and coffee is my favourite breakfast. 

15. I hated spending time in mountains for whole my life and right now it's my favourite place to spend free time.

16. When I bought Diablo III I didn't leave my house for a whole week until I finished the game.

17. I was in Kitsch club at night when it collapsed. 

18. I had a pink Cinquecento car.

19. I started studying psychology to solve my problems. After finishing studies I've realised that my problems are even more complicated.

20. I like sleeping with a pillow between my legs.

21. I didn't like cats for whole my life. Right now it's the most lovely creature in the world for me.

22. I looked like Harry Potter in Gymnasium.

23. I was Jozef in the birth of Christ performance in a kindergarten, Piłsudski General in Gymnasium and a priest in Romeo and Juliet art in high school.

24. I came to one exam at university wearing swimming trunks and flip-flops. And I've passed it.

25. When I got my first 2 grade at university I felt so happy that I passed it somehow. And then occurred that 2 grade at university it's the same as 1 in a high school.

26. I mix up cooking with frying and baking all the time and never don't know the difference. 

27. I've used to work as a waiter, bodyguard, promoter in strip-club, worker in a cement plant and customer service in McDonald.

28. I conquered Mont Blanc with no equipment and no preparation.

29. I cycled 800km within 5 and half day with no preparation before.

30. I hate cockroaches and all kind of vermin.

31. Sometimes I dance with my cat at home.