My story


Hi! My name is Michal and this is my story.



My photography journey had beginning during really tough period in my life. Then, occasionally I bought from a colleague my first camera. In the meantime I've discovered passion to mountain and bicycle travels. Sport has been always the part of my life, but mostly regarding martial arts and dance. A combination of travel with photography has changed my way of perceiving the world. I've started noticing details nad beauty of many places, that I didn't pay attention so far.

My camera has accompanied me in each journey. I've found peace and joy in photography. 

A moment later I started enjoying photographing people even more. I've finished psychological studies, because I've always been interested in human interactions and emotions.

Telling story about people who share something special as love is even more exciting.


What I love and enjoy doing

I love travelling. Mountains and forests are places where I feel the best. I love spending time on long trips. Many hours during hiking or many days during cycling sleeping in a tent - that's definitely me. 

I love my black kitty Luna. It's really fun at home since she is with us. 

I love dancing. It's often my favourite way to have fun until I can't move. I dance salsa since I'm 18.


What inspires me

Your love




Inspirational artists


What kind of photography style I prefer

While building stories I focus on showing couples' emotions and intimacy.

I love naturalness and minimalism.


I live in Krakow in Poland, but I love travelling, meeting new people and their stories.

I would be happy to drink coffee with you or just have a chat via Skype.