Ania and Kamil
Wedding Photographer Poland


We travelled with Ania and Kamil to Eliaszówki Valley to find the legendary Devil’s Bridge...we were getting lost for almost 2 hours walking through the dark forest which looked totally like a jungle.

Imagine our joy when we’ve finally found it. 
Here it is! The Devil’s Bridge!

It was called the Angels’ Bridge, but the locals have change the name due to its history.
Above Ania and Kamil’s heads was the bridge before and there were located guests rooms and chapel where people were praying.
And one day...everything’s collapsed.

The legend tells that once a year there is all devils and bad ghosts’ meeting which leads Lucifer himself with Belzebug help.

There is also one more thing...under the bridge deep in the ground is hidden full of gold treasure.
The devil just waits for biggest sinners to drown them in the nearest pond...

I don’t know if it’s true, but I know one thing.
I felt totally like a Photography Indiana Jones in Jumanji kneeling in the river and shooting with the dirty wet camera :)